Where are our Alumni now?


John Hagens (Class of 2013) volunteering with researcher Tim Mullady at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Corn Island site, August 2014. John recieved his Environmental Toxicology degree from UC Davis in 2013. Photo by Monaca Noble.


Recent graduate Kirsten Pearsons (Class of 2015) is now working on a PhD in Entomology at Penn State University. She is studying how pesticides may alter the community ecology of arthropod decomposers in agricultural systems


Ryan Beil (Class of 2011) is working on a recent project at Blankinship & Associates, Inc. In the photo, He is building a cattle exclosure for a study on the effect of biosolids on vegetation production in grazing lands.



Rebecca Belloso (Class of 2014) is presenting her master's practicum (thesis) work for her Master of Public Health. Her research focused on helping OEHHA evaluate the CA Medical Supervision Supervision Program, which is designed to protect workers who regularly mix, load, or apply the highly toxic Category I and Category II organophosphate (OP) and N-methyl carbamate pesticides (CB)

 Ag Field Sampling - DB.jpg

David Bonnar, class of  2011, is a Staff Scientist for Blankinship & Associates, Inc., Agricultural & Environmental Science & Engineering, in Davis, California. When not behind his desk crunching numbers and conducting in-depth risk assessments, Davis Bonnar is hopping fences, dodging rattlesnakes, and tromping through ditches to gather that perfect water sample!

Elizabeth Marder2.JPG

Elizabeth Marder (class of 2011), is currently working as an Environmental Scientist with California EPA's Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, after receiving her Ph.D. from Emory University.

More to come soon...